Coffee-TimeAurile is a new brand in the FM GROUP World product portfolio. It has been developed as a combination of wellness products, healthy food and the MLM.  The first group of products introduced under the Aurile brand includes coffee and barista accessories. Recently, the offer has been extended to delicious, aromatic loose leaf teas enriched with natural ingredients.

There is a huge potential in coffee. The value of coffee turnover in the global markets locates it on the second place among all raw materials. On the other hand, brewing and serving tea is a real ceremony. For millions of people around the world a moment spent over a cup, is the time of relaxation and joy of tasting the aromatic drink. Together let’s make as many people as possible choose Aurile when reaching for their favourite drink. According to the research, about two and half billion cups of coffee are drunk every day. Huge number of fans of this wonderful drink is waiting to try FM GROUP Aurile!

  • Aurile drip brewing

    Aurile drip brewing
  • Arulie french press

    Arulie french press